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Why Trading on Cryptocurrencies with UW Investment?
Go long or short
Since you do not really own the currency, you can decide to go short if you think the price will fall

Limited risk trading
With limited risk trading you always know your potential maximum loss

Take advantage of the lever
It speculates on Bitcoin without investing huge capital

Dedicated technology
Our platform uses the 256-bit encrypted system, used in major banking institutions

Find out how the bitcoin CFDs work and all the operational details on the available crosses.

Find out how CFDs work on Ethereum and all the operational details on the available crosses.

What are cryptocurrencies?
They are virtual currencies that operate independently of banks and governments, but which can be exchanged just as if they were physical.

With UW Investment you have the opportunity to trade with CFDs on the most important cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero,
How does cryptocurrency trading work with leverage?

There are two ways to trade with cryptocurrencies: buy them by aiming to sell them for a profit or operate based on their value through CFDs, without actually owning them.

To trade CFDs on Cryptocurrencies, you will need:

To open an account
If you work with CFDs, you do not need to have a specific conversion account for cryptocurrencies or a portfolio. What is needed is simply an account with a broker that offers leveraged products.
inform you
Cryptocurrencies are not influenced by all those factors that normally have an impact on traditional currencies. However it is important to have full knowledge of the market in which it operates.
Apply a strategy
Your trading strategy will depend on your goals and preferences. Deciding which strategy is right for you is essential for short and long-term success.
Open a position
Enter the number of contracts for your position, define the terms of closing the position and click on “buy”, if you believe that the value of virtual currency will increase, or “sell” if you believe it will fall.
Close the position
Once you reach your goal, or if you believe it is better to stop the losses, you can close the position by entering an order contrary to the opening: if you bought, you have to sell, if you have sold you have to buy.
It is good to remember that since CFDs are leveraged products, you do not need to invest huge capital to operate and gain exposure to the total value of your position. This means that you have the opportunity to significantly increase your capital, but also to lose more than initially deposited.

Arrived almost at the end of 2016, it is easy to look back and regret not having invested in Bitcoin when it was worth a few dollars. It is equally true that the Bitcoin has had an unexpected development and that since 2013 it has not reached its highest levels and has never exceeded the quotation of 1000 dollars. Unfortunately, none of us has a magic wand or the time machine, so we just have to look ahead and try to make some considerations and forecasts on how to invest in cryptocurrencies in future years.

Some considerations on why invest in cryptocurrencies

From the moment the idea of ​​virtual currency was created and implemented with Bitcoin, hundreds of variants, or altcoin, of the first virtual currency have been developed. From this we can logically deduce that:

The idea of ​​virtual currency is a winning idea, because it solves various problems and overcomes certain trade offs through technology. Therefore this idea will not go to die but if anything it will evolve with the future.
The Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies in general are still at their beginnings, it is difficult if not impossible to say which of these cryptocurrencies will be established in the future, but almost certainly some of these will be adopted in a much more substantial than now, raising their price exponentially.
Which currencies should be considered in the search for a long-term investment? At the time of writing this article there are 5 cryptocurrencies that, both for their history and for their fundamentals and the rate of adoption, constitute a good investment, here they are:

Bitcoin >>
Ethereum >>
Ripple >>
Litecoin >>
Monero >>
Bitcoin (BTC)

For some it could be taken for granted that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency on which to invest: surely the BTC has recently reached a high price compared to the beginning of the year and, as mentioned previously, it is about 3 years that does not reach its maximum. However, remember that if the rate of adoption of all cryptocurrencies has arrived at this point, the merit is certainly the Bitcoin opener. Without the Bitcoin probably the majority of other cryptocurrencies would not exist and, without the

A commodity is a natural product that is purchased and sold in its raw form through futures contracts on financial exchanges. Various types of commodities include energy resources, grains, metals, livestock, and more.

Each commodities contract is for a set unit of size. For example, while you may trade wheat in units of 5,000 bushels, you could invest in crude oil for 42,000 gallons a contract, or trade copper by the metric ton. While the quality may vary slightly between producers of a commodity, the products remain in their natural state, and all those of the same grade are priced equally, and are interchangeable, whatever their place of origin.

Explore new investment opportunities on the highly lucrative and dynamic international commodities markets. Diversify your online trading portfolio with agricultural products like coffee; precious metals such as gold; and popular energy products like oil. Invest at any hour, from any device, taking advantage of exceptional volatility on a vast array of raw trading products.


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