Trading in commodities is one of the oldest trading practices in the world, dating back thousands of years. Raw materials are unique because they have a physical representation in the real world. Whether it is a source of energy, like oil, or a precious metal like gold or platinum, raw materials are tangible assets and are therefore also influenced by events in the real world. For example, if oil reserves are in excess, the relative prices are likely to fall accordingly. Furthermore, some commodities are considered safe haven assets and can therefore add stability to a portfolio of highly volatile assets. For example, many foreign currency traders opt for gold futures when the market becomes too volatile, as gold prices are overall more stable, even if they are still linked to the foreign exchange market.

A commodity is a natural product that is purchased and sold in its raw form through futures contracts on financial exchanges. Various types of commodities include energy resources, grains, metals, livestock, and more.

Each commodities contract is for a set unit of size. For example, while you may trade wheat in units of 5,000 bushels, you could invest in crude oil for 42,000 gallons a contract, or trade copper by the metric ton. While the quality may vary slightly between producers of a commodity, the products remain in their natural state, and all those of the same grade are priced equally, and are interchangeable, whatever their place of origin.

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