Margin Requirements


Please review this page to learn about Forex and CFD Margin Requirements.

Customer must maintain the Minimum Margin Requirement on their Open Positions at all times.

UW Investment has the right to liquidate any or all Open Positions whenever the Minimum Margin Requirement is not maintained.

Margin requirements are subject to change at any time. In order to prevent any confusion, UW Investment, at its best effort, will inform customers about any projected changes on Margin Requirements by email and via the messaging system of the trading platform at least a week before changes are implemented.


Margin requirements are calculated by dividing the true dollar value of a position by the maximum leverage allowed for that trading instrument.
Example A:
35,000 EURUSD position at 1.4000
35,000 x 1.4000 (dollar value of 1 Euro)/200(maximum leverage) = $245
Example B:
What is the margin requirement of 1,400,000 USD/JPY position?
1,400,000 has a 0.5% margin requirement (200:1 leverage) which equals: $7,000


Customers will be warned by the trading platform, at 100% margin level, that they are getting close to automatic liquidation. Customers will only get an automatic margin call notification if they are logged into their trading platform. Therefore, customers are advised to log into their trading platform on a regular basis to ensure they monitor their Equity and any relevant notifications accordingly. UW Investment may also alert Customers by phone-call and/or by email that they are getting close to automatic trade liquidation of their positions. The Customer will be advised to deposit additional funds into their account or instructed to reduce/close out current open positions.

Customers are also warned that the moment their margin level falls below 20%, the platform will automatically liquidate their positions. This will be done without further reference to the Customer. Once an account reaches a Margin Call warning level, it is possible that the margin level could increase above 100%. Should this happen the Margin Call process will reset. If the Margin Call Warning levels are reached again, the Margin Call process will start again. Closure of positions will be done on the basis of best execution prices available to UW Investment at that time.
Customers are responsible for placing their own Stop Loss Orders to minimize losses. In addition, UW Investment may, from time to time and at our best effort, contact Customer and request that Customer deposit additional Collateral to secure Customer’s obligations to UW Investment. Any call for additional margin shall not be deemed precedent for future calls nor future waiver of liquidation rights by UW Investment.